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Invincible Tricking >

A clothing and media brand for the underground sport of tricking, including online store, blog, podcast, videos and more


Pencil To Pixel >

An online school for design and illustration featuring in-depth video courses for all skill levels


House of Movement >

A community website for tricking, parkour, and freerunning, including an online academy, training locations, and interviews


DrawKit >

A collection of beautiful, MIT licensed illustrations in two styles, free to use for your next project, app, or website


Hey there! 👋 I’m James, a designer, illustrator, motion designer, tricker, and maker from Sydney, Australia.

I’m happiest when creating things, whether it’s my own projects or illustrations and designs for freelance clients.

I work while travelling, living in different cities for a month or two, working from local coffee shops and co-working spaces, and training tricking.

I make videos of my travel and work, as well as take photos and write about my experiences.

Want to get in touch? Let’s talk 😄

James Daly

‘Ramen profitability’ is a term used to describe startups that make just enough to cover the founder’s living expenses, as opposed to a big bet like VC investment paying off.

The advantage here is that you aren’t at the mercy of investors and have the freedom to operate on your own terms, as well as being able to control your living expenses as just one person’s overheads. Aka, eating ramen when needed.

I’m aiming to reach profitability by the end of 2018.

Learn more about ramen profitability >

August 2018

Expenses 100%
Revenue 12%

September 2018

Expenses 100%
Revenue 55%

October 2018

Expenses 100%
Revenue 6%